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Skyberry Tales: Country Quest is an all ages mobile game where players are invited to take a break from their life and transport themselves to a friendly place called Skyberry.

The Player is put in charge of the family farm, and through interactions with its inhabitants learns the stories and secrets of the place. Activities include farming, crafting, fishing, commerce, romance, mining, quests and combat.

Through their customized avatars, players will learn to take care of their very own farm and get to know all the quirky inhabitants of the valley.

There's plenty to do; you can grow and harvest a wide array of Crops and Fruits, take care of farm animals while collecting milk, egg, wool and bacon. A multitude of production buildings will transform your farm's raw material into products for the townspeople and other players to enjoy. There's a marketplace to buy and sell goods, as well as a busy delivery service. You can fish in several waters and sell the filets.

Yet this is not your typical farming game, there is adventure to be had! A mystery hangs over Skyberry, involving Uncle Greg's sudden disappearance, a missing book containing a secret, and the dark forces that are seeking possession of a mysterious object called The Morning Star. Gaining access to the closed off mines means taking up arms against a multitude of creatures while hunting for rare minerals and treasures.

On a lighter note, there are more than 30 characters you can get to know in Skyberry, each with their own personality and temperament that become evident through interactions and cutscenes. There are plenty of bachelors and bachelorettes should you be looking for romance. In short there's a world to explore. What are you waiting for?



  • Appearance - First off is setting up your appearance in the game. There are a multitude of options;Gender, Skin tones and colors, Hair styles, Eye styles, and clothes, with many color choices. See more in the Avatar section.
  • Pet preference - The pet you choose will determine what kind of animal will appear on your farm later on.
  • Naming - You can name your Avatar and your Farm, in the provided text boxes when starting a new game. These names will be used in dialogues in the game.

Once you have made these decisions you will be shown a brief cutscene showing how you got to Skyberry.