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The currency used in game is Coins. When you're out of Coins, you can get more by using Gems. Gems are purchased with real world money. Gems are also used to speed up certain processed, such as build and maturation time.

         Coin.png                   Gem.png

There are several ways to buy and sell resources in Skyberry. This is useful not only as a way to gain Coins and XP, but also a way to free up space in your Storage.

  • On your Farm there's a canopied Farm Stand where you can put sell items stored in your Barn and your Silo, such as Crops, Fruits and items from Crafting and Fishing. Items from your Backpack must be sold to Mary directly or given as gifts.
  • Next to it there's a Newspaper Stand, where you can find a copy of the Skyberry Gazette. In it you'll see classified ads of what items other players have for sale at their farm stands.
  • You can ship crafted items to villagers using the Order Board.
  • Finally, there is the possibility for buying seeds and products at Sam's Store.
Commerce Mechanics
Farmstand Newspaper Shipping Sam's Store

Farm Stand  Delivery truck